Alliance chrétienne pour la Coopération Économique et le Développement Social
The Alliance Church of Burkina Faso

Job Dao

The Alliance Church of Burkina Faso, l'Eglise de l'Alliance Chrétienne du Burkina Faso, abbreviated as EAC/BF, was established by C&MA (Christian and Missionary Alliance) missionaries. The Christian and Missionary Alliance, which mainly comprises American and Canadian missionaries, first arrived in Burkina Faso in 1923 with the aim of sharing the Gospel with people who hadn’t heard it.

In 1962, the missionaries withdrew from the day-to-day management of the Church and conferred autonomy to its members. The Church was officially recognised by the Burkinabé authorities (letter number 4603/IS/DIR) in 1964, with the name of “l’Eglise Chrétienne Evangélique” (the Christian Evangelical Church). In 1978, the name changed to “l’Eglise de l'Alliance Chrétienne” (the Christian Alliance Church).

The EAC/BF is organised into local, district and regional churches. There are various groups including the Men’s Union, the Women’s Union, UJAC (the Youth Union), the “Flambeaux-Lumières” (“Torch-Lights”), and the Sunday School.

The principal objective of the EAC/BF is to share the Gospel while testifying to the love and grace of God, as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. The EAC/BF headquarters are in Bobo-Dioulasso.
The Alliance Church in Bobo-Dioulasso

Job Dao


To achieve its principal objective, the EAC/BF undertakes several activities:

  • Evangelism according to Matthew 28: 19-20.
  • Construction of churches or places of worship.
  • Biblical teaching for the spiritual growth of EAC/BF members.
  • Contribution to the socio-economic development of Burkina Faso.

In order to manages these activities, the National Executive Committee, (“le Comité Exécutif National”, abbreviated as CEN,) which oversees the EAC/BF, has established several specialised bodies including ACCEDES.

The CEN guides and represents the EAC/BF wherever necessary. The CEN’s mandate is renewed every 4 years. The EAC/BF is a member of the Global Alliance Union, (“l’Union Mondiale de l’Alliance”, abbreviated as UMA,) and the Federation of Evangelical Churches and Missions, (“la Fédération des Eglises et Missions Evangéliques”, abbreviated as FEME).