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Access to safe drinking water is a real challenge in many localities in Burkina Faso. In response to this, ACCEDES has projects which entail building wells and raising awareness about safe hygiene practices. A water filtration project is also due to start shortly.
The sanitation situation in Burkina Faso is such that water-borne illnesses related to poor hygiene practices constitute the second most common cause of medical consultations. These illnesses are easily avoidable if safe hygiene practices are known and followed. For this reason, ACCEDES has initiated a project of building latrines in villages. In this first year, 500 latrines have been built in 15 villages around Bobo-Dioulasso. In addition to the latrine-building, ACCEDES is raising awareness about safe hygiene practices and the proper use of latrines. Consequently, the Head of the Health Care Centre in Satiri, a village near Bobo-Dioulasso, has observed a 50% reduction in the number of cases of diahorrea, often linked to poor hygiene practices. However, much remains to be done in Burkina Faso as numerous villages still have no latrines, and lack access to basic sanitation.
The fight against HIV/AIDS

The HIV/AIDS programme comprises four main activities:
Sensibilisation sur le VIH/SIDA Sensibilisation sur le VIH/SIDA

  • A campaign to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in secondary schools, churches and local villages. The aim is to inform people about HIV/AIDS, how it’s transmitted, how to avoid contracting it and about the support available for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Free, anonymous and voluntary HIV testing is provided by the ACCEDES Health Centre, with over 100 tests carried out every year.
  • Every month, ACCEDES distributes food to 150 people living with HIV/AIDS, as most of these people no longer have the means to meet their dietary needs.
  • ACCEDES helps care for around 200 AIDS orphans and also visits people living with HIV/AIDS in their homes.

The Health Centre

Dépôt pharmaceutique

The ACCEDES Health Centre receives over 7,500 patients for general consultations every year. There is also a pharmacy on-site.
Health centre Health centre

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Centre de santé Centre de santé