Alliance chrétienne pour la Coopération Économique et le Développement Social


The education programme comprises two main projects:

  • Informal education (improving literacy in local languages)
  • Formal education (sponsoring vulnerable children, building schools, giving IT equipment)

Improving literacy in local languages

Alphabétisation Alphabétisation ACCEDES is opening literacy centres for those that haven’t had the opportunity to go to school. The literacy centres teach these people how to read and write in their mother tongue. The project is supervised by the Ministry of Education in Burkina Faso.
Literacy centre Literacy centre Literacy centre
Sponsoring vulnerable children


There are thousands of children that have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Burkina Faso. This project pays the school fees and covers the cost of school equipment for vulnerable children, principally AIDS orphans. The sponsored children regularly receive visits at their homes and at school.

The demand for this project is huge, far exceeding our financial resources, so if you would like to sponsor a vulnerable child’s education in Burkina Faso, all donations will be gratefully received. The amount needed to sponsor a child is between 50,000 CFA (approximately €75) and 110,000 CFA (approximately €165) each year, depending on whether the child is in primary or secondary education.
Sponsored children
Building schools

ACCEDES has built several primary and secondary schools. There are still numerous villages in Burkina Faso that don’t have schools, and many children have to travel miles to get to the nearest school. Any organisation can help build schools in such villages, and the Burkinabé authorities will take care of providing the teachers.
Giving IT equipment

All over the world, information technology is becoming an increasing important part of everyday life. For this reason, ACCEDES has initiated a project of giving IT equipment to schools. More than 200 computers have been distributed so far. The demand for this project is still significant so if you would like to help a school by sending them some IT equipment, second-hand or new, it would be gratefully received. We would also welcome volunteers who can help with IT support and training.